Putting Students First

I believe the impact on students should be at the forefront of all decisions the School Committee makes. I promise to ensure that all decisions I make as a School Committee member will prioritize the impact it has on students above all else.

Student First Focus

I believe all students should be provided with an equitable learning environment where they can thrive academically and socially and be prepared to enter the real world. They should be entitled to certain rights and be able to voice their concerns and issues they have to school administration and to the school committee when needed. 

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Transparency and Accountability

I believe the school committee should ensure that district administration is held accountable when necessary. The committee should receive reports on major incidents and changes that occur in the district and are able to deliberate on such reports. And the committee should strive to increase awareness about its work through social media.

A Fair Work Environment

I believe the school committee should be fair in contract negotiations with all of the district’s bargaining units, while also striving for fair and just contracts that ensure all employees are making a livable wage while working in the Pittsfield Public Schools. The school committee should also strive to build trust among all employee groups and the school committee.

Student Safety and Wellbeing

Student safety and well-being is crucial to the functioning of a school system. If students don't feel safe then they won't learn, simple as that. I believe the school committee should ensure that all students have access to an available school adjustment councilor when needed through appropriate staffing. And I believe the school committee should deliberate publicly over the use and purpose of the school resource officer program and to set up a subcommittee which has oversight over the program to ensure transparency and accountability.